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Sugar Reduction Market Leader
In 2011, Firmenich was the first flavor company to launch sugar reduction technologies and we have grown to become the market leader in portfolio, IP and sustainable innovation.​

We can offer your brand a world of possibilities with custom solutions to suit the most stringent requirements in taste, regulatory restrictions and consumer demands. In 2019 alone, through our taste modulation and natural, non-nutritive sweetener solutions, we removed 215,000 metric tons of sugar from food and beverage products, which adds up to over one trillion calories removed from consumer diets!

Comprehensive Taste Modulation & Sweetener Toolkit
Our comprehensive toolkit offers the most expansive range of taste modulation and natural sweetener solutions, including Stevia and Monk Fruit.​

High-Performance Flavor Solutions​
TasteGEM® is our market-leading taste modulation flavor range that combines an optimized blend of flavor, masking, and mouthfeel ingredients.​

Integrated Solutions and Single Sweeteners​
TastePRINT® integrated solutions combine proprietary non-nutritive sweetener blends with taste modulating technology and has since expanded to include a large single sweetener portfolio in Stevia, Monk Fruit, and Sucralose.​

Taste Optimization Tools​
Our ModulaSENSE® flavor range complements our sugar reduction technologies, enabling precise adjustments to modulate overall taste including sweetness onset, masking, mouthfeel, and aftertaste.​

Experts At Your Disposal
The role of sugar is complex, and removing it is not simply about replacing sweetness. Regardless of the level of reduction, other formula adjustments will be required to ensure a pleasant taste experience. Additionally, results vary by application so the approach required can be quite nuanced. Our expert technical teams can guide you and help create custom solutions to achieve your sugar reduction goals.
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